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International Mother Language Day

• "UNESCO is a specialized Agency of the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization"

The purpose of the event was to get acquainted with the linguistic and cultural traditions of the peoples of the world, to preserve and protect endangered languages, to promote linguistic and cultural diversity.

The problem of disappearing languages is very relevant today. After all, in the world at present, about two languages disappear every month.

At the event, there were interesting reports about the history of this holiday. Our students have prepared poems, songs in Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek, Turkish and English, as well as informative presentations:

• "Turk tilinin tarykhy".

• "UNESCO is a specialized Agency of the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization"

• "Bilingualism»

• "Peoples of the world by language families"

• "Slavic Group"

• "English the language of the international communication"

• " The English language is a little step to the big success»

The event was attended by faculty members, students, and teachers of the “Economics”, “Management”, "Tourism" programs of ADAM University, students of school-gymnasium No. 9 in Bishkek, and Iskra Secondary School of Chui region. This event was organized by the DHFD teachers and 1st-year students.


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