Information systems and technologies

The program "Information Systems and Technologies" allows students to receive professional training in the field of information technology. The university has foreign partners who provide places of practice.

The program for our students has the opportunity to obtain double diplomas: the State standard of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Bulgarian University of Neophyt Rylski "or the Baltic International University.

Due to the interconnected educational levels of training, our graduates have the opportunity to receive the necessary level of education and change their trajectory due to a change in specializations.

Program benefits

In the educational process, active technologies and teaching methods are widely used, teaching aids developed by the department staff. The working curriculum of the "Management" direction provides for the implementation of term papers in key professional disciplines.

Graduates of the direction work as system administrators, engineers, specialists in internal and external networks. Their main task is to ensure the most efficient use of information technology in the industry in which graduates work. They are engaged in the establishment of communication systems and networks, monitor the correctness of their operation, introduce new technologies, install additional equipment. Develop software products, etc.

Levels of education and forms of training

At the University of Adam on the program "Information Systems and Technologies" an undergraduate educational program is being implemented as part of the specialization "Information Systems and Technologies". Full-time education (4 years).

Continuous training of professional personnel, carried out on the basis of meeting the needs of consumers of educational services and highly qualified specialists of all levels in accordance with modern requirements of the national and international labor market.

Graduate perspective

The undergraduate student will be able to work in any of the industries that are somehow connected with the IT field. Such specialists are necessary in state and commercial organizations. They work in economic and financial institutions. Work can be remote, and subject to high professionalism, it’s realistic to get a job not only in a domestic, but also in a foreign company.

Promising professions for graduates of the program:

  • WEB Administrator
  • Database Developer and Administrator
  • Specialist in digital video, computer graphics and animation
  • Systems Analyst and Programmer