scholarship programs

Adam University cooperates with the Sur Place Foundation named after Konrad Adenauer, where students receive support, thereby providing an opportunity for young people to devote themselves to study and participate in political and social life.

Who can participate in the competition?
The Foundation's scholarship holders can be bachelor's and master's students (bachelor's degree - from the second year and master's degree), and at the time of application they must not be older than 30 years of age, as well as actively participating in the socio-political life of the country.
In the competitive selection, the advantage is given to students of the faculties of social sciences: political science, economics and finance, international relations, management, law, modern history, journalism, philosophy, religious studies.
Provision of a scholarship of the Foundation named after Konrad Adenauer is only possible for students of technical, philological and medical specialties as an exception.

The scholarship is awarded for a period of 6 months and in case of good achievements of the scholarship holder can be extended for another 6 months

Competitive selection
The competition is held in two stages.
At the first stage, on the basis of checking the compliance of the competition documents with the formal requirements, a preliminary selection of candidates for the scholarship is carried out.
The second stage of the competition is an interview, according to the results of which a scholarship is awarded.

Package of documents
To participate in the competition, you must provide the following documents in German or English:
    - a completed application form for a scholarship with an up-to-date photo pasted on;
    - a detailed summary in the form of a table with a translation on GE/English;
    - a letter of justification with a brief statement of the goals of study and plans for the application of the acquired knowledge in future professional activities (max. 2 pages) on GE/ English;
    - a copy of the certificate of secondary education with a translation on GE/ English;
    - a copy of the record book with a translation on GE/ English;
    - a copy of the diploma of higher education with an appendix (for master's degree students) with a translation in GE/English;
    - recommendations from two university professors on GE/English, indicating the contact phone number and/or e-mail address, which assesses the applicant's participation in educational, political or social activities
    - a certificate from the place of study (original) with a translation on GE/English;
    - a certificate of health status with a translation on GE/English.
All documents should be submitted in one copy.

Turkiye Scholarships is an international scholarship program funded by the Government of Turkey. The scholarships offered under this program are available to international students at the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels. The purpose of the Türkiye Scholarships is to improve mutual understanding with other countries and contribute to global education through a people-centered approach.

This program provides for:
    - Getting an education at the chosen university.
    - Air travel to Turkey and back to your country.
    - Receiving a scholarship from  100 to  300$ .
    - Foundation program with a duration of one year.
    - Medical insurance.
    - Accommodation in the dormitory of the selected university.
Foundation is necessary if you have not passed the language proficiency test.
Otherwise, you will immediately start studying the university program.

What are the application rules?
Languages in which you can send an application: turkçe,االلغة العربية, in Russian, in English, en français, in Bosnian.
The submission period is annually from January to May.
You can get a scholarship for bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies.
An incoming student should not suffer from chronic diseases.
Age restrictions for applicants:
- undergraduate — no older than 21 years old;
    - for a master's degree — no older than 30 years;
    - for doctoral studies — no older than 35 years.
Have good grades, at least 75%.
The most difficult to enter are medical and engineering specialties, where you need to have from 85% -90% academic performance.

Chinese Government Scholarship
Chinese University Program is a scholarship of the Ministry of Education of China, the purpose of which is to support Chinese universities located in special provinces or autonomous regions in attracting international students. The scholarship is intended for graduate and postgraduate students.
The scholarship is paid to Master's degree students for 2-3 academic years.
The scholarship is paid to postgraduate students for 3-4 academic years.
Master's degree programs are on Chinese and English.
The Chinese Government provides a full scholarship.

The scholarship covers:
    - full tuition fee;
    - accommodation (accommodation in a student dormitory or a subsidy for master's degree students – 700 CNY per month, postgraduate students -1000 CNY per month);
    - scholarship (for Master's degree students – 3000 CNY per month, for postgraduate students - 3500 CNY per month);
    - medical insurance.

Requirements for candidates:
- Candidates who are not Chinese citizens can apply for the scholarship;
    - candidates must be healthy both physically and mentally;
    - Candidates must not be students of Chinese universities at the time of application, and candidates who have graduated from a Chinese university within the last year cannot apply;
    - Candidates applying for a Master's degree must have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) and be under 35 years of age;
    - Candidates entering graduate school must have a Master's degree (or equivalent) and be under 40 years of age;
    - The scholarship application is submitted online.
The deadline is annually from January to May.

    - application with a photo;
    - photocopy of the passport;
    - a study or research plan (no more than 8000 words);
    - CV;
    - 2 letters of recommendation;
    - photocopy of the medical examination (the form can be downloaded on the organizers' website);
    - candidates who enroll in Chinese and do not need language courses must provide a certificate of proficiency in Chinese (HSK – at least 4 levels); candidates who enroll in English must provide a certificate of proficiency in Chinese;
    - a photocopy of the diploma and a statement of grades.

Presidential Scholarship of the Kyrgyz Republic
Adam University students can participate in the competition for a presidential scholarship as full-time university students studying under the Bachelor's degree program.

it is necessary to have good and excellent academic performance, original developments, actively engage in research activities, as well as be a participant in conferences, winner of competitions and Olympiads.
Under equal conditions, orphans, children left without parental care, and disabled children have an advantage in awarding the Presidential Scholarship.

The package of documents must contain:
- a cover letter from the rector of the university;
    - information on the number of full-time students by faculty;
    - the applicant's essay about himself;
    - applicant's resume;
    - documents confirming achievements, special differences in educational, scientific and social activities of the applicant.
Financing the payment of scholarships
The scholarship is awarded for 1 academic year (10 months) and is paid to students once.
The scholarship is paid from the Education Fund under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Students, undergraduates and PhD students of ADAM/BFEA University have the opportunity to enroll in the ERASMUS+ KA1 scholarship program to study at one of the best universities in Europe at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece for 1 semester.
The scholarship pays for:
    - full tuition fee;
    - accommodation;
    - scholarship;
    - medical insurance.

Requirements for candidates:
- Advanced knowledge of English;
    - Excellent academic performance;
    - Willingness to actively participate in the life of the university.

Documents required to participate in the competitive selection:
    - A copy of the passport;
    - CV (resume) in English;
    - Certificate of English language proficiency (level not lower than B2);
    - Motivation letter;
    - Transcript with grades (study card and curriculum, issued in the educational department, 3rd floor of room 310);
    - 2 letters of recommendation in English (1 from the program manager and 1 from the program teacher).