Specialty "General Medicine"

Within the framework of the "General medicine" program, the graduate will have a system of competencies that include knowledge, skills, which are necessary for professional medical activity and active participation in the social life of community. In the process of learning, students develop the following key competencies: general scientific, instrumental, socio-personal and general cultural, professional (preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, educational, organizational and managerial, scientific and research activities).

Training of highly professional and competitive medical specialists:

who have universal and professional competencies that contribute to their social mobility and sustainability in the labor market;

- ready for postgraduate study, followed by professional medical activity in a chosen field;

- maximally oriented to the needs of the individual, society and the state.

To achieve the set goals, the following tasks are defined:

  • To create a favorable educational environment for providing high-quality professional education based on modern achievements of medical science and practice.

  • To introduce innovative teaching methods using a competence-based approach for comprehensive personal development in professional and socio-cultural terms, with value orientations, able to adapt quickly and be ready for any challenges of the surrounding world.

  • To implement a credit system and a modular rating assessment of student achievements in order to ensure academic mobility and ensure that the system of assessment and control of the achievement of graduate competencies corresponds to their future professional activities