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Hello everyone!

So the competition "My fairy tale" among the first-year students of ADAM University on the subject "Information technology" has ended. As part of the PowerPoint study, students had to apply their knowledge of animation, voice acting, and presentation by presenting their work as a video clip. It's time to announce results:

🥇First place: Maratova Aizhan "Cinderella", 36 votes

🥈Second place: Alina Bashkatova "Cinderella", 25 votes

🥉Third place: Kanatbekova Nuray "Beauty and the Beast", 24 votes

🏅Audience Award: Baltabayeva Baktygul "The Fox and the Hare", for interesting animation and her own orinigal voice-over of the fairy tale.

🏅The recognition of teachers of the subject "Information technology" gets Nurzat Nuraliyeva for the tale "the Fox with a rolling pin" for animating characters using clay!

We congratulate the winners and express our gratitude to all the participants!

We never cease to be surprised by the patience, hard work and creativity of our students!☺️