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At the Adam University, a meeting was held with the deputy of the Lenin CSM Gulnaz Myktybekovna.

At Adam University, a meeting was held with Gulnaz Myktybekovna, Deputy of the Center for Family Medicine in Lenin district.🧑‍⚕️

The students talked about the Covid-19 virus. Gulnaz Myktybekova spoke about the importance of vaccination for students and for the population of Kyrgyzstan.💉

She also talked about the types of vaccines, their effectiveness, and their consequences.

Our guys have learned a lot of important information about their health. Students also asked their personal questions, which were answered professionally.

🤗 ⭕Three types of vaccines are now available:


2- Sputnik V

3- Pfizer

⭕As well as vaccination against covid-19 can be done from the age of 16.